Knowing and understanding God’s Word is a big part of being a Christian. Together, we want to help you grow in that knowledge and understanding so that you can be confident in your relationship with God. So come and be a part of our Sunday School each and every Sunday morning at 10am.



Our children’s ministry here at HRC is growing and developing each week as we pour into the lives of each child. We take pride in knowing and understanding the role they are playing in building the Kingdom of God. By using various tools and curriculums, the HRC children are taught to worship God with abandon and to never let anyone look down on them because of their age, size, ethnicity, or background. To stand firm in their identity.



God is really moving in the lives of our youth and college & career ministries. These are young individuals from ages 12 to 25 that are in the early stages of their adult lives and need God more than ever to start off making positive decisions. From meeting at church, playing sports, or just hanging out at a local restaurant, there is always something to do with this group. Get connected, we are better together!



Ever find it hard to know what God is trying to tell you? What voice do you listen to? Pastor Billy leads our young adult ministry and spends time each Wednesday night listening, teaching and getting to know each person better! Our ministry vision is to help individuals with those same questions understand how to not only listen to God, but how to apply His Word to their lives in areas such as marriage, finances, children, friendships, and many others. Come each Wednesday at 7pm and join this group, you will be glad you did!